It is true that every day we face a setback that prevents us from thinking about both people and the elements around us, even the most impressive.but that is sought with the photographic eye, to expose to the public a reality that, sometimes, is not observed, but that exists and accompanies us steadily. Dicotomias does not show buildings, it shows that point of view that sometimes we forget; those details that disappear from our routines; the balance that does not expect to see what we sometimes think is invisible;that originality of some artists that is out of our hands by seeing what we believe is the same figure over and over again. And that is, the way the author grows as an artist is to broaden his outlook on the world. It is to understand that not everything is what it seems, and if you dare to take the step, you will find a new dimension in which each window is a different angle and in which each corner is a different composition.

Taking into account the above, I can say that with Dicotomias it is intended to give the viewer that minimalism that can not achieve by itself, for being in a reality full of noise. It is intended to give you the balance that we sometimes lack, preventing us from seeing the world in a different way, more enjoyable, more harmonious and more hopeful. In addition, with each photography work you want to inspire each person to let his imagination fly, to let his degree of illusions multiply and let himself be carried away by what he initially thought impossible. In this way, the fusion between reality and dreams, between defined and iconic forms and elements that touch the unthinkable, becomes truly the protagonist.

It is a different way of seeing, looking and observing, a way of indicating to those around us that something is missing, that we have at hand much more than we think. That nothing is really a whole, and that everything has been created from small corners that can conquer us one by one if we dedicate enough emotion, imagination and time to it.

It doesn’t matter what city, country or continent the image is from. Every space has its logic, its reality and its charm. You just have to dare, you just have to let yourself be carried away to absorb the authenticity of what seems common to us, when really nothing is. The sky, textures, shapes, tones and materials create new worlds that we can be part of. Dicotomias invites it, because every day, every object and every feeling is a challenge to overcome, and there is nothing like doing it through a photograph that eternally demonstrates that every second can mean a new discovery.